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Water Heaters

Avoid costly repairs, increase efficiency, improve temperature comfort levels and save money on energy costs with affordable water heater services from Access Heating & Air. When the weather gets chilly in Virginia, hot water is a necessity. Without a dependable water heater, you can’t take a hot shower, run your dishwasher or complete various other tasks around the house. At Access Heating & Air, we make it a priority to ensure that all our customers can heat their water. As a professional HVAC company with over 25 years of service, we have experience installing and repairing water heaters. When you choose us, you can expect reliable hot water throughout the year !

Access Heating & Air carries a variety of water heaters and has the experienced technicians you need to install them in your home. Our Hot Water Heater Installations Provide Your Home With:

1) Efficient Energy Usage – Our team has the most efficient water heaters available, and our wiring and installation techniques only make this efficiency better. We can keep your bills down and your heat up !

2) Heat You Can Count On – By choosing a water heater that complements the size of your home, you’ll meet its electric needs and will work well for the long haul. This doesn’t just mean hot water whenever you need it but saving money on any repairs that an improperly installed water heater presents. In addition to our top-rated installations, we also provide expert repair services to existing water heaters. We service all makes and models of water heaters and strive to provide our customers with:

3) Prompt Response Times – You can depend on our quick services! Simply call in a problem with your water heater and expect our team to arrive as fast as possible. Once we get to your home, expect us to get to the root of the problem promptly!

4) Thorough Repairs – When we repair your water heater, we not only get it back up and running but also prevent any other possible issues from arising. We will always examine your heater in great depth to check for even the smallest issues, and we’ll never cut corners!

5) Reliable Inspections – Just because we can’t see a visible culprit for your water heater’s problems doesn’t mean that we give up on finding a solution! Through routine inspections, we can find mechanical issues before they even have a chance to arise!

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The following are a few of the many reasons to choose Access Heating and Air, LLC for your HVAC and Water Heater Replacement Repair needs:

1) Family Owned and Operated for 20+ years.
2) 5-star Customer Service always supplied by a friendly, professional employee, never a subcontractor
3) Top Ratings received by local consumers On Google
4) Peace of Mind – service is available seven days a week
5) Priority Service provided to you
6) Owner Operated service Manager Available 7 days a week
7) 24 Hour Answering Service – makes next-day scheduling easy
8) Radio Dispatched Trucks to deliver a quick response to service needs
9) Factory Replacement Parts stocked on service trucks
10) After Office Hours Service for which there is never any overtime
(see Service Contract for charges).
11) Pre-Scheduled Service after office hours at no additional charge
12) Factory Trained Service Technicians – VA State licensed and EPA certified
13) Annual Pre-Season Checks at no additional charge (on covered equipment)
14) Quality Service you can trust

Water Heater Repair & Installation Fredericksburg VA

Get your Fredericksburg water heater working again. Fast. IS your Fredericksburg Water heater leaking? No hot water coming out of the home faucet? We’ve got your back. We can diagnose and fix issues on all makes and models of water heaters. Also, if you need a new water heater, we can help you find the right one for your home. Are you interested in learning more about tankless water heater options? Out with the Old & in with the New Learn More

About Our Water Heater Installation Services

Professional Water Heater Installation Durable & Professional Outcomes in Fredericksburg Want a water heater set up? The technicians at Access Heating & Air Company are pleased to assist! Our plumbing technicians are trained and experienced such as hybrid, electric, gas, and systems. If you are trying to replace your system, our staff can help you opt for the design that fits your finances and your requirements, and get it set up on precisely the day for you. Our technicians pride themselves on being technicians. Get upfront and very clear quote now! With a flawless setup, you will have a water heater very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference Between Water Heater ?

Versions have a heating system element and a tank. While heaters utilize a heating element to achieve the same gas water heaters utilize water to warm. Solar water heaters use a storage tank. All 3 utilize a storage tank carrying 60-80 gallons. Tankless water heaters heat water on demand, so they are a lot more efficient they’re also more expensive to purchase.

When Do I Need a Replacement ?

When you’ve got a hole in the tank, the answer is. Repairs along with pipe leaks do not need system replacement. However, there is no fix to get a hole in your water heater tank. Some heaters are marketed to last for 10, although Generally, water heaters have been intended to last at one time. It may be to acquire an entirely new system if you are facing a fix.

How Do I Select the Right One ?

Is your household’s size. Folks will need holding tanks, although A conventional tank is fantastic for a 2-3 individual household. You will also need to think about a water heater’s score: just how much water that the unit will provide within the time of one hour? An FHR is likely to earn a high-ability tank useless.

Why Choose Our Pros ?

Money-Saving Specials

1) We provide discounts and coupons to make our services affordable.
2) 1-Year Work Guarantee
3) You may rest assured knowing that our job is supposed to last.
4) Best Client Service
5) We are devoted to excellent support & communication.
6) Satisfaction Guaranteed
7) Neither are we if you are not satisfied with the caliber of our job.
8) Helping People 20+ years
9) Our firm delivers.
10) No Job Is Too Big for Us
11) We’re equipped to pipes jobs of all sizes.

Common Gas Water Heater Issues (FAQs)

You will find two kinds of water heaters which we get a lot of general questions concerning:

1) Gas Water Heater
2) Electric Water Heaters

In this informative article, we’ll make a frequently asked questions guide to resolving a number of those gas water heater issues you could have or may experience later on. Our technicians have observed everything into leaking water heaters from burst water heaters. This guide will inform you if it’s the replacement water heater is necessary or should your issue can be solved using a very simple repair. The Life Expectancy of both Gas and Electric Water Heaters ranges between 10-15 Decades.

The problem would be that the risk when managing involved. Before we discuss some common problems, we must see that water stored inside a water heater could be hotter than the advised 120-degree temperature. That can be hot enough to cause burns to the skin, and if we deal with gasoline, there’s always the threat of an explosion. Before tackling any issues using a gas water heater, then please, be certain that the gas is switched off.

Can a Gas Water Heater Function ?

Gas water heaters use the water from the tank to heat. These burners are situated in the bottom-center of their gas heater. You can set the temperature, and the burner will cycle off as soon as the water has reached this temperature. Can be set by factors like the number of people and the size of your house using the water daily.

To get a gas water heater, It Is Going to need:

Tank Combustion Air Flow, Heat is transferred by gas water heaters to the water utilizing combustion of Natural or Liquid Propane gas. A burner at a gas chamber ignites the gas with combustion air provided through a security feature, via using a pilot light. Water heaters with gas grills will need to exhaust the fumes containing carbon dioxide. The exhaust goes via flue and an insert. The flue makes it possible for the fumes to be exhausted to the exterior of the house.

Problem: Pilot Will Not Stay Lit or Gas Water Heater Burner Will Not Light The issue here comes from a thermocouple that is broken. The thermocouple is. A thermocouple that is busted will send the wrong signals. By shutting off the gas if the thermocouple informs the gas valve the gas valve will react. No gasoline and no burner mean no burner and no warm water for your property, respectively. The fix can be achieved quickly It’ll Be Only a matter of if the reason for the difficulty will stem from the thermocouple: Removing the burner meeting, Removing and replacing the thermocouple. It is possible to call one of our technicians to have this the fix will possess your house’s hot water back very quickly and won’t take long. It’s been set up also in case you’ve replaced your thermocouple, and the pilot light won’t light the challenge is the gas control valve.

The gas control valve cannot be mended; it must be replaced, and also an expert plumber must do this. Problem: Gas Water Heater Can Not Heat or Not Enough Hot Water No Hot Water: Assess the pilot lighting, can it be on? Is it on? It is possible to try to relight it if the pilot light is off. Needs to have directions about how to perform this. You can utilize an ignitor, Not Enough Hot Water: Check that the thermostat. It’s not a bad place to begin Even though this might not be the reason for your issue as thermostats rarely malfunction. Your House not having sufficient water could be due to an Improper thermostat setting Improper Size, Gas Valve Has to Be substituted, Problem: Gas Water Heater With Too Much Gas, The issue might be gas escapes that are several or gas flow. The solution can entail replacing the piping. Another issue could become your water heater has had debris and to be emptied. The water heater will probably need the energy to function if there are forming in the base of the tank. Consider adjusting the temperature dial and see whether it’s on a setting hotter. Gas water heaters have fever dials which range from Holiday, Heating and Hot. Turning down this will lower the quantity of energy help you save money on power bills and that your water heater will have to function.

Problem: Gas Water Heater is currently Creating a Clicking Noise Your water heater making a sound may result from a buildup of sediment. This construct of sediment insulates the water also prevents the water heater from heating the water correctly and may even induce overheating in some instances. If after doing so, the sound continues then your problem might be brought on by lime, this may be repaired by draining the water to eliminate the sediment. Limescale will happen on your water heater. It’s ideal to call a plumber to visit your house to flush out all the lime on your water heater; your water heater has to be flushed out annually to prevent lime build-up.

Problem: Water Heater is Water There is A water heater a very problem and one which demands immediate attention. This issue usually means it must be replaced or that the water heater requires an immediate fix, or you might be risking house damage along with also the water heater is going to be a security hazard.

Things to do ?

Find the source of the escape: the place will explain the intensity of the issue and if a simple repair or an entire replacement is your solution. Switch off electricity to your water heater instantly switch off the water source — Before shutting the valve, be certain that you can access it securely without even meeting some water. The flow could be coming from several areas here some common places. When the flow is coming out of a cold-water heater as well as also the hot water outlet relations, then the repair can be as straightforward as the rebuilding of a loose link. Stress Relief Valve: Each single water heater has a temperature and pressure relief valve situated on the face of the tank using a tube running down to the ground.

Heater Drain Valve: Assess the drain valve, situated near the bottom of the tank. Bottom of this hot water tank — This issue with your gas water heater usually means the challenge is coming indefinitely. In case this is the issue, you’ll have to replace the water heater. Largest Water Heater Manufacturers By market share, the water heater industry is dominated by a handful of brands.

#1 – AO Smith is the largest manufacturer, and recent acquisitions of other companies have expanded their reach even farther. (see our review of A.O. Smith)

#2 –  Rheem Corporation is a relatively close second and widely respected throughout the United States and abroad.

#3 – Bradford White Corporation rounds out the top 3 and has an extensive market share and the distinction of being available only from authorized dealers, installers, and wholesalers. The list of major manufacturers does not end with the top 3 and includes several well-known companies, including:

1) American Standard – Produces residential and commercial water heaters.
2) Bosch – Electric, gas, and solar water heaters, as well as mini-tank systems.
3) General Electric – Manufactures electric water heaters.
4) Navien – Specializes in tankless water heaters and boilers.
5) Noritz – Maker of quality, easy to install tankless water heaters and combination boilers.
6) Reliance Water Heater Company – Sells a variety of types, distributed
by Ace Hardware.
7) Richmond – Sub-brand of Rheem that sells all types of water heaters.
8) Rinnai – Top selling brand of tankless water heaters in the US.
9) Ruud Company – Water heaters of all types, distributed through authorized dealers and installers.
10) Sears Kenmore – Makes gas and electric water heaters and heating pumps.
11) State Water Heater-Electric, gas, and solar water heaters.
12) Steibel Eltron – Specializes in small, tankless, and water pump systems,

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